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Sprachen: The Fashion Show

20151204_105018[1](von Leonie, Johanna, Antonia und Jael aus der 6a)

On Friday, 4 December, we, the class 6a, had a very crazy fashion show in our classroom! The students created different outfits with clothes brought from home.

The first outfit was a Christmas tree (with real Christmas baubles!) and the model was Antonia. The second outfit was presented by Hannes and it was a really cool winter outfit. Then, the third group with Mathis as a model showed a Michael Jackson outfit and the next group presented a football outfit worn by model Justus. In the fifth group, Jael was the model and she walked the catwalk dressed as a Christmas present. Malte and his group then showed us a very crazy ‚checker‘ outfit and the last group designed a cool party outfit with their model Julia.

All the groups also had a presenter (Wim, Tom, Dario, Louis, Arne, Magnus, Leonie), a DJ (Sophie, Levin, Jan, Nik, Johanna, Tim, Simon) and a designer (Beka, Sarah, Danielle, Johann, Vanessa, Nele) each, so that everyone had a part to play for the success of the group. It was a very exciting show with great choices of outfits and music and well presented by the groups. In the end it was really hard to choose the winner of the show but finally Mathis‘ group won by a nose! What a great fashion show!